Our management philosophy is that to be the best in your trade you must remember one thing and one thing only:

Always live by the Golden Rule…treat others (your customers) as you would like others to treat yourself

The reason for our tremendous success at Made Rite Bedding is that we conduct business by the Golden Rule. Our customers are treated with utmost respect and genuine concern for their individuality and the special needs that each unique situation brings. Our primary aim is to meet those needs, professionally and efficiently, whatever the demands.

Our goal is to provide our customers with high-quality, competitively-priced products; outstanding, personalized service; a thorough understanding & knowledge of the arketplace; expertise within the bedding industry, with over 75 years of experience; and convenience in the procurement of its bedding products.

After serving institutional & residential customers for over half a century, Made Rite Bedding continues to be driven by the same key principles that guide every decision and customer interaction:

  • Provide quality products, prompt and courteous service, low prices and great value
  • Live the golden rule as an operating principle, not just regard it as a good idea.  
  • Every customer is valued and special.  
  • Customer satisfaction is something we earn, never take for granted.


Every member of the Made Rite team, from the principal owners to each factory worker, remains dedicated to these principles.