Products Engineered with concern for today’s environment

Made Rite Bedding Implements New “Green” Initiative for mattresses.

New High Performance PFS Mattress Collection uses energy efficient “Green” Material

Made Rite Bedding is pleased to announce the introduction of a revolutionary new, patented high-tech premium material created througha a proprietary blending process for superior quality. The material is environmentally safe and 100% recyclable. Mattresses built with the new PFS design are developed with cutting-edge technology to ensure the highest level of comfort, performance and safety that only a truly well-built, fire resistant mattress will provide. In addition to being compliant with CPSC 16 CFR 1633, these mattresses also meet the requirements of CAL TB #129 and NFPA Life Safety Code 101.

The Core compnent used in the construction of the PFS Mattress contains a 100% recyclable “Green” high-performance fiber material. For a detailed description of this green product, see the manufacturer’s specifications. Additional information is available upon request.

Mattress Recycling Program

Made Rite Bedding’s innovative mattress recycling program makes our company your one-stop shop for the acquisition, service and safe disposal of mattresses.

Did you know?

  • In general, Insitutional mattresses have a life span of about 4.8 years
  • Each mattress sent to a landfill accumulates 23 cubic feet of landfill space
  • Mattresses have a compaction rate 400% less than regular garbage, thus making them a problem in all landfills
  • Recycling mattresses saves energy, reduces greenhouse gases, reduces the use of natural resoureces and reduces waste

Our program prevents mattresses from going to the landfill.

We are working with Ohio Mattress Recovery to prevent mattresses from entering landfills. Our “green” program recycles up to 94% of each mattress we recover.

Recycling Rebate offer…

Through our association with Ohio mattress recovery, 20% of the proceeds from the recycled materials of each project are given back to our customers. Institutions will have the money donated to their fund of choice or to their sustainability office. 10% of the proceeds from each job will be donated to a local charity on both companies behalf. Let us know what we could do to earn your business and help your organization become more sustainable and reduce its environmental footprint.

“We are committed to build a cleaner America for generations to come.”