Bed Bug Infestation

Is your institution concerned about bed bugs?

Made Rite has the solution… with our advanced new age technology…

Introducing the FE Inverted Seam Innerspring Mattress that eliminates tape edge seams.

  1. Reduces the potential of bed bug infestation by removing the location on the mattress (tape edge) where the bed bugs love to live and multiply.
  2. Elimination of surface seams helps prevent fluid penetration and interior contamination.
  3. Slick, attractive design that will appeal to purchasing administrators, healthcare professionals, housing directors and users alike.
  4. Innerspring unit is encased with extra firm perimeter foam for solid edge support
  5. Upholstery includes high-density convoluted foam layers to prevent sagging
  6. Dual firmness construction allows for choice of plush firm on one side and extra firm on the other side to satisfy individual preferences.

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